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Drilled Shaft Contractor, 6465 123rd Ave, Largo, FL 33773

DIGGER 1 is a full service Drill Shaft Contractor located in the city of Largo in Pinellas County, Florida. Founded in 1999 by Michael Riley, DIGGER 1 has years of experience drilling shafts for foundations (cassion) for varying projects throughout the State of Florida.

Digger 1 has you covered

Specializing in drill shafts we can provide complete installations of; roadway signage, parking lot lighting, drill shafts, traffic signals, arm masts, directionals, etc. We can provide prefabricated pole bases or custom built (caisson) concrete foundations.

Digger-1 can build any size concrete foundation specific for your requirements.

Our Drill Shaft Services

What We Do

  • High mast and roadway lighting

  • Cell Phone & Broadcast Towers

  • Billboard & Signs

  • Traffic Signal Mast Arms

  • Pilings for Electronic Messaging Screens

  • Pipeline Overhead Structures

  • Transmission Line Foundations

  • Overhead Span Sign Structures

Latest Projects

Here is a list of some of our recently completed projects.

  1. Brian Dairy Road ATMS along CR 296 from Seminole Blvd to US HWY 19 – (4) Drill Shaft Foundations, (4) CCTV Pole Drill Shaft -Pinellas County
  2. Starkey Road & Park BLVD –  (6) Drill Shaft Foundations – Pinellas County
  3. Wilcox Road @ Lakeshore Road – (1) Drill Shaft For Mast Arm Foundations  – Hillsborough County
  4. Williams Road @ SR574 MLK Blvd – (4) Drill Shaft Foundations – Hillsborough County
  5. CR 54 @ 301 – (4) Drill Shaft Foundations – Pasco County
  6. CR579 (Mango Road) (I-4 to N of East Sligh Ave) – (2) Drill Shaft Foundations and (4) Bases – Hillsborough County
  7. Hyde Park Village- West Swann Ave & South Dakota Ave, City of Tampa – (2)  Drill Shafts Mast Arm Foundations – Hillsborough County
  8. Tampa Waterfront District – (26) Drill Shaft Foundations –  Hillsborough County
  9. I-75 Onramp- I-75 (SR93A) Hillsborough County – (12) Drill Shaft Foundations for HIGH MAST LIGHTING
  10. Collier Pkwy & Hale Road- Collier Parkway and Hale Road Intersection Improvements: Pasco County  (2) Drill Shaft Foundations
  11. Haines Road & 54th Ave North –  Haines Road Improvements CR691: Pinellas County (2) Drill Shaft Foundations
  12. Storey Time Drive & Storey Park Blvd City of Orlando –  Orange County (5) Drill Shafts Foundations

With scores of successfully completed projects you have confidence that DIGGER 1 will be able to complete you project on time and on budget. Contact us today.



6465 123rd Ave
Largo, FL 33773


(727) 507-8848

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